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Help Communities Raise Funds.
Fundraising has just got a little easier. A Culture of Peace Fund Raising Events are profitable, rewarding ways for any organization or community center to raise funds. By presenting Jewish and Zionist values and culture in a fun and entertaining venue, your organization will not only be promoting the ideals of peace but will also be providing a profitable means to reach your monetary goals.

“The Land Of Milk And Honey”
Our acclaimed DVD, “The Land Of Milk And Honey” is an hour-long documentary, “The Land of Milk and Honey” explores Israel’s emerging folk culture and it’s affects to the Jewish consciousness around the world. Created and developed by two Latino Jewish filmmakers in San Diego, California, shot entirely in Israel, the film traces the roots of the music and choreography for the song “Eretz Zavat Chalav u’Dvash”. It explores the fundamental power that Israeli folk culture has on the universal Jews community and how the love and depth that is Israel is ingrained in us all. This film truly is an inspirational, emotional experience, providing audiences of all ages with a heart-felt connection to the Spirit and Soul of Israel.

We can even help you design and prepare the promotional and marketing materials you’ll need.

Concert Series
Our motivational Concert Series offers an exciting, live concert featuring traditional Israeli songs and dances. Our most recent series, Bat58: A Tribute to Israeli Music, provides Jewish institutions and organizations a great opportunity to bring a magical journey through Israel’s tradition, history and life to their community. This exciting, inspirational live multimedia concert/performance is an audience favorite and has been a hit every time we’ve presented it.

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