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Kavert/ Danny, Gidy & Friends

Two of the most influential performers on the Israeli cultural scene, Danny Sanderson and Gidi Gov are both legendary and contemporary pop icons.
Founding members of the amazing band Kaveret/Poogy (appropriately dubbed “the Beatles of Israel”) Danny and Gidi have been top concert ticket-seller for over 25 years. Together, Gidi and Danny also formed the groups Gazoz (with Mazi Cohen) and Doda, both of which are considered among the cornerstones of Israeli rock music.

Danny and Gidi graced us with a stop over in their busy North American tour last March. Everyone in attendance was touched by their genuine love and passion for music and for Israel.

In return, we believe Danny and Gidi were also touched by the outpouring of support and goodwill by our San Diego audience and will be include us once again as a “must-stop” on their next tour.

Kavert/Danny, Gidy